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Team MemberFebruary 16, 2014

Autovac 56 Extraction Pump

Eurolube Australia - Waste Oil Equipment - Extraction Pumps & Kits

Model 317-56 can cover up to 3 work bays, extracted fluid can be collected to a central storage tank for later disposal.

The pump is designed to deliver maximum vaccum, up to 85%. The suction tube is equipped with a large strainer and vacuum meter to indicate that the fluid has been emptied. Includes connectors and probes for efficient extraction.

Min. air pressure 3 bar

Max. air pressure 7 bar

Recomended air pressure 4-5 bar


Max. vaccum -0,85 bar #

Max. temperature +95°C

Capacity, free flow 15 l / minute

Capacity with probes 2-10 l / minute #

# Engine oil at minimum +70°C, see details in service manual